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Savona Systems Inc

We Offer Renewable Energy Solutions Financial Savings from Electricity Bills Energy Generation With Solar System Environment Friendly Energy .


Energize Society Reliable Energy

The Savona System is your local solar panel system specialist for commercial real estate. We help you maximize the assets and value of your property by introducing the financial benefits of solar for your business. Achieve impressive energy savings, property appreciation, a potential revenue stream, and company integrity.

Shahik Panosian

Director of Manufacturing facilities company


Tonnes CO2 emissions avoided


Domestic households served each year


Acres of land protected by solar parks


Our Solar Installation Services

Residential Solar Installation

Sustainable Energy to Fuel Your Home

Commercial Solar Installation

High-Quality Solar Panel Installation, Repair & Maintenance for Your Business

Electrical Services

Trusted Electricians Offering Repair, Upgrades, Installation & More

Solar Maintenance & Repair

Keep Your Solar Panels in Peak Condition

Inspect Smarter with
Savona System Insights

Lower your energy bills

This free and inexhaustible energy source lets your building be energy independent.

Tax Incentives

You can take advantage of great government financial incentives and tax benefits for going solar.

It’s Easy

Our installation experts and our in-house finance team handle everything for you, from financing and design to installation.


What Our Clients Say About Us

“Savona System Inc helped me save money on my energy bills with their solar panels. I'm so glad I made the switch!”

Kara LucasEngineer

“I was hesitant to invest in solar panels, but Savona System Inc made it affordable and hassle-free. Now I'm reaping the benefits of clean energy.”

Alex CohenDesigner

“Savona System Inc provided excellent customer service throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them for anyone interested in solar panels.”